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Four State QRP Group
Four State QRP Group originally began, in 2003, as a regional club encompassing the states of Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. OzarkCon was the outgrowth of ArkieCon. Jay Bromley, W5JAY, and the Fort Smith QRP Group were instrumental in promoting ArkieCon. After several years a break was needed. 
In 2003 Joe Porter, WØMQY; Dave Bixler, WØCH; Gene Sailsbury, NØMQ; and Bart Lawson, WØIIT, picked up the mantle, renamed the conference OzarkCon, and moved it to Joplin, Mo. In 2009 OzarkCon moved to its current venue in Branson, Missouri. Since then the club outgrew the original boundaries very quickly with membership expanding worldwide.
The 4SQRP Group is an IRS-recognized 509(a)(2) public charity that exists to promote, support and develop low power radio activities. Our stated purpose from our Articles of Incorporation is:
To promote and pursue designing, information sharing, building, and operation of highly portable, low power Amateur Radio (FCC Part 97) equipment for both emergency and personal communications purposes.
Through the sale of QRP kits and accesories, each year 4SQRP organizes and funds the annual OzarkCon conference. OzarkCon provides a forum for camaraderie, information exchange and education. A fun event at the conference is the Whacky Key contest.
On air nets are conducted weekly to share information and sharpen radio communication skills. We host CW and Digital FM nets and also conduct a monthly Second Sunday Sprint.
Four State QRP Group continues to promote QRP building, operations and radio education by providing a variety of kits. These kits are created by world-class designers. Our volunteer kitter/shippers handle hundreds of kits each year. Check our website as new designs get introduced periodically.
We are a friendly and welcoming group. Please join us.
Click here for more information about us in the article from The March 2011 K9YA Telegraph, available here courtesy of Philip Lazar - K9PL.


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