Home Brew Example

Home Brew Example

Home Brew Contest

There will be a homebrew contest with results revealed on Saturday. This is a great opportunity to show what you have built. Both kits and scratch built projects are welcome.

Please restrict your contest entries to projects that have not been entered at previous OzarkCon conferences.

Categories are:

    Group 100 - All homebrew transmitter, receiver, or transceiver (no kits)

    Group 200 - Stock or modified kit transmitteer, receiver, or transceiver

    Group 300 - Station accessories

    Group 400 - Test Equipment

    Group 500 - Antennas, solar power, battery chargers, or power supplies

To enter the 2021 Virtual OzarkCon contest, send an email describing your entry to homebrew@ozarkcon.com.

This year's judges are Rick - KCØPET, Bryan - KØEMT, and Larry - NØSA and they will select the best one in each class.
Home Brew Coordinator is Tom Sevart N2UHC
Prizes will be awarded!

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